Connecting with the Audience

Concentric - Branding, Messaging & Strategy


Getting the right message

Concentric has a terrific, complex application that allows brands to simulate markets with scary accuracy. Their disruptive technology turns marketing analytics on its head. When you disrupt an industry, not everyone is happy about it. And many people don’t believe you.


When your audience is the world’s best CMOs, you need a story that connects immediately. RedSwan5 dug into existing marketing, sales and customer materials looking for the messaging that would show the power of the application. We rediscovered that one of the best marketing analytic minds set out to change how we predict markets. That was a story people wanted to hear, and RedSwan5 created new messaging and a story customers could believe.

Concentric presented at two prestigious conferences. CEO Greg Silverman put it best when he wrote, “We had a good few days here at the CMO exchange. We ended up with 20 one-on-one conversations.”


  • Delivery of the new story led to highly qualified leads with the right people
  • A game-changing story altered the sales approach for the better
  • New messaging showed the true value of the application and paved the way for an increase in price