Listening to Early Customers

Windshield Inc. - Consumer Insight, Branding, Messaging


Embrace a holistic approach

Like many startups, Windshield Inc struggled to hone a message that would resonate with customers. Founders Tom Huntington and Ben Greene had a clear vision and an excellent network who could be counted on to trial the product and provide feedback.


Consumer Insight and Behavior Analysis

Using consumer insight techniques specific to language, ritual, culture and change behavior, we arrived at a clearer picture of how the technology needed to make people feel

We showed the founders how to “re-listen” to the conversations and interviews and identified the strategies with the highest likelihood of gaining traction in the infancy stage.


Talking to early customers can test the limits of a founder’s sanity. With RedSwan5, Windshield was able to:

  • Articulate their core offering
  • Create multiple personas and circumstances that led to interest and trials
  • Reconnect the founders’ passion with the product’s promise