Be What Your Customers Love

Once a year, employees can switch their health plan. They don’t. It’s a hard, stressful situation filled with fear of not finding new doctors and losing benefits. Members who have insurance also don’t use many of the health benefits and discounts available – leaving a lot of money on the table.

Continuously connect
Tufts Health Plan needed to engage with people – not just employers – and specifically find a path to reach busy Moms who are the primary consumers of health care and most concerned about coverage.


Deliver on the brand promise
With Tuft’s brand promise and tagline, “Nobody’s does more to keep you healthy” in mind, a digital strategy was conceived that would be a one-stop hub for fun activities that were pre-screened as healthy, local and seasonal. Coupons and discounts to incentivize Moms (both members and potential members) to try new things was a big part of the site.

Content marketing made easy
With an already strapped marketing department, an API to pull data from an existing resource was built to ensure content was hyper local, constantly refreshed and relevant but more importantly, content creation and publishing was easy to manage.

Build a community
While social media and community building (1,500 active members in the first year and 460,798 unique visitors per month) were a big objective, Tufts also experienced an increase in sales, sponsors, and employees leads.


A Viable Lead Nurturing Program
  • Social media and community building - 1,500 active members the first year
  • 460,798 unique visitors per month
  • Improved membership retention and sponsor/partner satisfaction
  • Created a news sales lead system via the social audiences who wanted to know more about Tufts
  • Generated partner revenue and improved conversion via white labelling site